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Ms. Marie

The Rebirth, The Memoirs Of One Who Was Born • Lost • Reborn

The Rebirth, The Memoirs Of One Who Was Born • Lost • Reborn

New Biography Series

The Rebirth, The Memoirs Of One Who Was  Born • Lost • Reborn by Tammy Ms. Marie Johnson

What seemed like the beginning of the end so young, so early, so numb, was  actually the beginning of a process that was always meant to be. A process of a multitude of adversities that turned into a motivational ministry.

My Story

I have seen more than many of my peers. I have seen rape,…

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Web Presence-Essential In Our Current Time

Web Presence-Essential In Our Current Time

Web Presence Is Essential

Web Presence Is Essential

It has been said over and over that a web presence for any business is a must  in this century but how many are still out of the loop?

My fiance and I are currently looking to purchase our first home. The first place we sought after to find a realty company to work with was…..The oh mighty and powerful internet! What we were shocked to find is how many local realty…

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